SaaS Maker Solution Provider – Sign up

The SaaS Maker Solution Provider (SMSP) Program is designed to help customers build/migrate/integrate SaaS applications by providing easy access to a network of skilled professionals. It is also designed to help Providers improve business by leveraging SaaS Maker capabilities. Tell us about your experience building and deploying SaaS applications, whether using SaaS Maker or otherwise. The program is open to reputable companies and freelancers possessing expertise in SaaS development and/or relevant value-added services.

As a SaaS Maker Solution Provider (SMSP), you’ll join a community of specialty companies that help customers with needs such as SaaS-enablement, cloud migrations, training, promotions, and more. The SaaS Maker website will showcase your company in its directory. You’ll qualify for potential discounts for your customers, SaaS Maker training, use of the SMSP logo on your website/materials, and other potential benefits.

Disclaimer: Solution Providers operate completely independently from SaaS Maker, Inc.  The relationship is strategic in nature.