SaaS Maker™ Alliances

The SaaS Maker alliance program inspires SaaS startups by bringing together SaaS developers, entrepreneurs, universities, business leaders, investors, tools and customers. Join the alliance ecosystem today, and be part of the exciting world of SaaS startups and ventures.

Red Signal

Red Signal is a small agile business. Established 2008; 50+ employees​. Vast experience in SaaS application development, .UX Development, Net framework, Open Source solutions, Mobile apps, ecommerce, and digital marketing solutions. Agile methods: Scrum, Kanban, TDD and SAFe.​

Muh Tahir

(347) 232-6479

Infinity Marketing Solutions LLC

Infinity is a grass-roots firm with technical skills, with the mission of helping businesses grow and adapt to changing modern business practices. Infinity is involved in various industry sectors.

Dave Wertz


Aspire Systems

Aspire Systems is a global technology services firm with outstanding SaaS engineering capabilities. We leverage partnerships with AWS and Microsoft Azure to transform organizations by way of innovative cloud engineering practices, cost-efficient optimization, and a solid cloud infrastructure.

Udhaya Senguttuvan

(630) 368-0970

STK Consulting & Services Inc

STK Solutions designs, delivers and maintains mission critical software systems for government and nonprofits.

Sergi Ghai

(408) 506-0772