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The "SaaS Adventure" showroom features promising SaaS startups that are powered by SaaS Maker. Interested in investing in a SaaS startup? Please feel enthusiastically invited to reach out to the owners directly. We're immensely proud of the entrepreneurial spirits featured here!


Note: SaaS Maker, Inc. is not formally affiliated with featured SaaS companies, and makes no claim of business suitability. 

Learn how a political campaign used a SaaS Maker app to coordinate volunteers.

Learn how NASA used a SaaS Maker application (TeamLeader) to manage nationally dispersed virtual teams.

Family Playground

An online place to do private family things.

Cary Landis

(304) 276-7625

My Campaign Manager

Manage political campaigns

Sue Smith


Fishing Diary

Fisher Diary is a convenient tool for creating, storing and sharing your fishing trips and experiences.

Victor Istratenko


Manage virtual, agile and outsourced teams.

Cary Landis