The  SaaS business world is no longer reserved for venture-backed elites! Today's SaaS startups have access to the same global talents, platforms and public clouds as Silicon Valley entrepreneurs or billion dollar businesses...

With SaaS Maker, anyone with creativity, an entrepreneurial spirit, and reasonable access to skills can develop a SaaS startup that competes with some of the biggest software companies in the world. 

Innovate Faster

Why else use the SaaS Maker platform?

#1 - Low-Code is the future

The $27 billion low-code (AKA aPaaS) market represents one of the biggest software revolutions in the past 30 years. Gartner estimates 44.49% / year annual growth, with low-code responsible for 65%+ of application development by 2024. * The low-code market is projected by some to generate $187 billion in revenue by 2030! ** 

#2 - Bring your own code, and Portable!

No proprietary languages! SaaS Maker is extensible with your favorite programming language using the SDK and API. You can even SaaS-enable / modernize legacy or open source applications! Your SaaS startups are available as a hosted service on AWS, or optional appliance portable to your favorite cloud or datacenters.

#3 - We don't make money unless you make a lot more money.
SaaS Maker is free or nominal for developers. When you make $1, SaaS Maker makes 20 cents. You may avoid hosting fees by purchasing a SaaS Maker appliance, or by possibly negotiating volume terms.