The SaaS Adventure program helps technology entrepreneurs launch SaaS businesses. Participating entrepreneurs will get a crash course and hands-on experience launching a real software-as-a-service business. You'll learn about:

  • SaaS & cloud business models

  • branding and positioning

  • virtual teams and teleworking

You can take a SaaS business idea to market or leapfrog a big business with a SaaS alternative. It's a chance to learn, and actively participate in the $176 billion* SaaS industry!


What is a SaaS Buisness?

SaaS refers to online software - typically made available to customers by on-demand subscription. One of the hard parts of B2B SaaS is "tenancy".. keeping each business and users' access separate. Examples of SaaS are, Slack, and Blackboard.

What type of SaaS can you build?

You can create a SaaS for any industry... energy, healthcare, sports clubs, fitness, social networking, etc. We'll use SaaS Maker tools -- SaaS Maker is best suited for "systems of engagement" that help people work together and do things over the Internet.

Advanced SaaS Applications

Advanced SaaS developers can use the API to integrate and extend.. AI, machine learning, blockchain, whatever. The sky is the limit! Interface with open source or 3rd-party services. Any industry: healthcare, sales, sports teams, fintech, film production, agile dev

Launch & Grow your Business

SaaS Maker, Inc. provides assistance to selected entrepreneurs with branding SaaS application, developing MVPs - and learning about tools, "aaS" business models, and integrations. We want your SaaS to succeed! All services are subject to availability.