SaaS Maker™ Solution Provider

SaaS Maker™ Solution Providers offer a full range of services for any size organization:

  • SaaS Development and Integration: SaaS Maker Solution Providers will develop custom SaaS applications for your organization. Imagine deploying SaaS applications to improve your customers’ experiences; or launching SaaS applications to market in record time.
  • Private Cloud Deployment: SaaS Maker Solution Providers will help your organization successfully deploy and adopt SaaS Maker applications (as deployable appliances) onto your private datacenter or preferred cloud provider’s environment.
  • SaaS-enablement and Cloud Migrations: The next wave of cloud migrations is more than porting virtual machines. Imagine porting your legacy applications to the SaaS Maker platform – a cloud-native solution for the next decade and beyond.

Interested in becoming a SaaS Maker™ Solution Provider? As a Solution Provider, you’ll have access to special tools and business opportunities. It’s free for qualified companies – APPLY HERE.