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SaaS Maker™ is the fast way to build your own SaaS applications for any industry. 

With the SaaS Maker development platform, you can go to market in weeks instead of months. Your applications will be cloud native, mobile-friendly, secure, and available as a subscription service. You can even sell your apps in the online store.

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The future of software is as-a-service, but building SaaS applications is painstaking and costly. You need to manage subscriptions, notifications, trials, tenancy, hosting, commerce, scaling, security and more. With SaaS Maker, you can build SaaS apps orders-of-magnitude faster. The SaaS Maker platform is a great way to build applications for people working together online.


Anyone with creativity, an entrepreneurial spirit, and reasonable access to skills can do it! Our humble vision is to help you compete with some of the biggest software companies in the world.

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In the "beginning", SaaS startups raised venture money, hired a team of developers, and spent months building and managing complex software systems. In those days, SaaS startups were reserved for Silicon Valley elites. Then, there was SaaS Maker... 

What is SaaS Maker? SaaS Maker is a specialized development platform for building and launching SaaS applications many-times faster. An enterprise architecture handles hard parts of SaaS apps: subscriptions, trial accounts, commerce, multi-tenancy, role-based security, hosting, notifications, and other complexities.

How does it workYou use the SaaS Maker Factory (point-and-click tools) to build SaaS apps fast. Advanced developers can integrate and extend using the SaaS Maker API and your favorite programming languages.

Why use SaaS Maker? Lots of reasons! You'll go to market faster, save money, generate revenues, focus on your core business, reduce stovepipes, and deliver higher quality applications.

What types of applications can I build? You can build SaaS applications for any industry. E.g. marketing campaigns, non-profits, event planning, healthcare, energy, sports clubs, engineering projects, fintech, construction, and more. SaaS Maker is best suited for multi-user applications for people working together.

What about security? Your applications inherit a comprehensive security model with multi-tenancy and role-based security; hosted on secure AWS infrastructure or optionally in your private cloud or datacenter.  

How do I publish my software on the cloud? Simply set a price for the app and mark as “Published.” People can subscribe to your app from its Web address [my-app], or from the online store.

How do I make money? You set the subscription price, and you make money when people subscribe to your applications. You keep 80% of all subscription sales. Or, you can license a virtual appliance to avoid fees.

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