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Newest release of SaaS Maker™ ‘Cloud Toolkit’ Helps Entrepreneurs Build Big Software Without Venture

by ADMIN on JULY 20, 2013 in NEWS AND BLOG

February 06, 2013 Technology News: (PRLEAP.COM) Virtual Global, Inc. announced the newest release of SaaS Maker™, an “app dev” platform as a service for entrepreneurs to build software without programming.. Built upon a framework long used in the deployment of high-scope federal and academic installations all over the world, SaaS Maker™ is gaining business-end momentum with companies and corporations that are realizing the potential to implement Software Development as a Service (SDaaS) without shouldering traditional upfront capital costs, but they’re not alone. Entrepreneurs are turning to SaaS Maker™ as a fast way to build big business systems without raising venture capital money.

Cary Landis, who founded Virtual Global in West Virginia in 2003, attributes the success of SaaS Maker™ to its “Idea to Revenue” business model that gives developers a real reason to use the platform – they can sell their applications for subscription-based revenue.

“I’m a giant fan of Steve Jobs in the NeXT days,” says Landis. “One of my favorite quotes from Steve was that ‘for every hardware hobbyist out there, there was at least a thousand software hobbyists. People who’d want to play with the software but couldn’t build one.’ It was true on the desktop, and it’s equally true on today’s Web.”

“The SaaS Maker™ software development kit addresses the growing market for custom software and the emerging need for better ways to modernize and update legacy systems without being locked into proprietary infrastructure providers,” Landis explained. “Based solely on the volume of interest we’ve received from companies regarding our new SaaS Maker product it’s pretty clear that we’ve built a solution that the business community is looking for.”

Landis, who has supported leading corporations and government agencies – including the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), believes there are several reasons why SaaS Maker™ is the developer’s platform of choice. In addition to the fact that SaaS Maker™ fills the missing gaps that SaaS developers have been facing by providing true end-to-end tools, SaaS Maker™ also uses point-and-click tools that allow developers and businesses to more quickly and easily add functionalities, such as user subscriptions, data-entry forms, role-based access security, workflow management, team collaboration, and business intelligence reports. Landis also noted that his company’s experience in serving agencies at the federal level is helping SaaS Maker™ to stand out in a field that, he believes, “will begin to clutter with startups and unproven applications created by unknown entities.”

“The framework we used to develop our new SaaS Maker™ product has a proven, decade-long acumen in federal installations – nationally and internationally – and that certainly means something to developers at all levels,” said Landis. “Achieving success as an app developer requires more than a set of development tools and a hosting platform. It requires a complete, cloud-based approach right from the start. SaaS Maker™ provides developers with cloud-based solutions all the way to the marketplace.”

SaaS Maker™ features a software development kit that lets developers create feature-rich programs that integrate with other web services, such as big data and geospatial services. It is portable across data centers, so that developers can implement secure solutions on their own private cloud, and it is equally suited for multiple types of developers. According to Landis, businesses can use SaaS Maker™ to immediately start building enterprise systems that scale to millions of users, and can leverage the platform to cut their time-to-market, costs, and risks by more than half.

For more information about SaaS Maker™, please visit

About Virtual Global Virtual Global, Inc. is a West Virginia-based cloud computing software company that focuses on federal and commercial cloud strategies and software development. Virtual Global was founded in 2003 by Cary Landis, CEO, who also serves as lead architect for the SaaS Maker™ Cloud Computing System. Landis formerly co-founded a software firm listed on the INC 500 list of fastest-growing small companies. Virtual Global has supported both leading corporations and government agencies, including the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST), and an online performance and reporting system for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

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